Why I Love World of Warcraft

Originally I had planned on posting about another topic, but that was before I watched Nixxiom’s video about why he still loves and enjoys playing World of Warcraft. I found myself agreeing with parts of the video, which led me to thinking about why I love this game so much. What keeps me logging in, year after year, even during content droughts or new content that I’m not excited to experience. I thought that a nice way to begin the new year would be to explain why I have continued to play this game throughout all the years prior.

It’s Not Just a Game

World of Warcraft is many things, but MMORPG is just the beginning of it for me. I grew up in Azeroth and, just like each expansion is placed along the game timeline, I can recall real life memories according to which expansion I was playing at the time. After playing for a while I became interested in what Blizzard Entertainment was, and why they were the ones that were able to create a game that I and many other people connected with so much. To this day Chris Metzen is still a personal hero of mine, and the world of Azeroth has been a fountain of inspiration. It’s probably why I love writing/reading fantasy stories so much and even motivated me to write my own stories about Aurashot, one of the first characters I ever created in the game. Through WoW I have made friends in the game and in real life, and we have gone on countless adventures together. I have even bonded with family members through this game. Best of all, WoW has made it possible for me to connect with those who have a shared passion for games. With this game, I discovered what it feels like to experience a huge world with countless wonders and endless opportunities.

Gilneas in the Rain

There’s Nothing Like It

Nostalgia is powerful, and I can’t replicate the feelings that I’ve had with WoW when playing any other game. Each game is different and brings forth different emotions, and I have experienced so much more in WoW than I have in any other game. WoW was not my first game, but it was the one that made me think of myself as a “gamer”. I am so proud to be a gamer, because it opened a door for me to experience many other worlds and stories from the perspective of many different character.

Many Memories Here

Does This Make Any Sense?

I’m not sure if any of these ramblings make any sense, but it seems to me that everyone has their own special game that started it all. One that brings back fond memories of curiosity and discovery. This post was meant to be a love letter written for mine, as a way to collect some of my emotions about a virtual world with its share of quirks. When I log into WoW I am greeted by a world that has been there through good days and bad days, and all the days in between. Azeroth brings a sense of familiarity to me that can only be described as coming home, a feeling that I hope everyone gets to experience with their own special game.