Re-thinking Site Structure

I haven’t posted here in quite a while, in fact, I haven’t made a new post for nearly the entire Shadowlands expansion cycle! Taking a quick look through my post history for Battle for Azeroth will make it obvious that I haven’t been the most inspired by this latest expansion. That got me to thinking.

Even though I haven’t felt like writing about WoW lately, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to write at all. I think about ideas and topics to discuss all the time, but most of them are not WoW-related. This brings me back to the question I’ve been struggling with for months – what is to me? I couldn’t really answer that question until just recently when I migrated this site over to a different server and realized just how much I missed posting here. This is a blog meant for me to write about whatever I think is interesting enough to warrant a post. That’s all! There’s no rule that states I can only post about WoW here – only that when I started this blog I was deeply obsessed with all things Warcraft and needed an outlet for it. I still do, but now there are other things…

So… Where are you going with this?

After spending time away from both WoW and this blog, I’ve re-evaluated some things. I’ve had time to do other things and play other games, a lot of which I’ve found myself wanting to write about. It doesn’t have to be games, sometimes I might also write about story ideas or even cool tech stuff I’m interested in. Originally I thought I should create additional sites for these ideas, but then realized that it might make more sense to reorganize this site in a way where I can fit all subjects into one.

For example, I recently spent a lot of time playing Elden Ring and I loved it. It might even be one of my favorite games I’ve ever played! It’s also the first Dark Souls game I’ve ever played, and it would have been a great experience to document here. I’ve spent the last year (over a year now, actually) playing through the Yakuza games from RGG Studio and Sega. I have so many good things to say about those games. Unfortunately, I finished the main series and have moved onto the spin-offs, Judgement and Lost Judgement. But I can still apply this idea to others games I have yet to play. And, who know, maybe I’ll return to Elden Ring and Yakuza one day – such a hefty amount of content!

What’s Next?

The bottom line is that I want this to be a place where I can discuss anything I want to without fear of adhering to abstract rules I had in mind when I created this blog. Since 2018 this blog and my interests have evolved, and I want to reflect that in the things I write here . WoW is and always will be dear to my heart, but there are other topics I’m excited to share as well.

Moving forward, I will continue to write about WoW. I have some WoW posts planned for the future, but while we wait for the next expansion, Dragonflight, there won’t be as much for me to talk about. I typically stay away from alphas and betas until late in the development cycle so I probably won’t explore that or make any related posts. The most major change that I’m anticipating is that I will be discussing other things in addition to WoW, and may post less on WoW (depending on how much or little I enjoy Dragonflight.)

Unrelated to the subjects I’ll be writing on, I’ll also be reorganizing the site to better reflect this new structure. This includes making better use of tags and categories, and changing the way posts are displayed – instead of one continuous “feed” for all posts, maybe breaking them out into separate groups organized by topics would be easier to navigate. I’m chuckling to myself as I write this, as if my thousands of followers are waiting for an explanation for my plans with this blog. I created a blog because I love writing – about anything – and just wanted a central place to house all of my ramblings. If just one person were to stumble across this place and enjoy my writing, that’s all I could ever want.