Shadowlands Pre-patch Week 2

Zombies and Scourge Invasions are back! This week’s events conclude and wrap up the transition into the new expansion, coming in just a few days. This week’s content is a throwback to the WotLK’s Scourge Invasions and although Blizzard has apparently rehashed this event before, this is the first time I remember participating in it since WotLK.

The invasions this week are just pure fun, and its great seeing so many people working together to either spread the invasion or fight against the zombies. The Horde invaded Stormwind and even Goldshire, which was almost entirely populated by zombies when I was there.

The Stormwind portal room is a popular haunt

There really wasn’t too much new this week besides the invasions and a few new quests in Icecrown, which investigated the mysterious Valkyr-like creatures that descended from the sky. It’s been good fun, especially with the turn out of players enjoying the new content alongside me. I have some idea of the things that are coming since I got a beta invite a while back, and I’m psyched for them to be in the live game soon.

“Hello fellow cultist!”

Since PvP is automatically enabled in capital cities during the event, I’ve been reminded of why I stopped queueing for battlegrounds. It’s fun at first, but quickly raises my blood pressure. I much prefer to experience PvP in small doses, like what the Scourge Invasions are providing. Although, having seen the PvP sets for season 1 in Shadowlands, perhaps my opinion can be swayed, and I can learn to like it again…

With most of my characters geared up for Shadowlands, I’m slowing down on farming gear from the rare bosses spawning in Icecrown. I’ll enjoy these last few days of BfA being the endgame, and continue to prepare for the beginning of something new.

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  1. After reading this, I went back and re-read your posts on the pre-patch events for BfA, wondering just how much we knew about the overall plotline the finally reveals itself in that expansion. Turns out it was very little. But Shadowlands has an altogether different feel to it, like BfA (or at least, Sylvanas’ role) was just the prologue to Shadowlands, and we now get to see what she’s really been up to all along.

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