Clearing Ny’alotha and the Conclusion to Battle for Azeroth’s Raids

What an expansion it’s been. I joined my guild at the end of the Uldir, the first Battle for Azeroth raid, and I’ve been having a blast ever since. Raiding (not in LFR) has added more flavor to a game I already enjoy playing, and it’s strange to think I’ve played this long without joining a raiding guild. Nonetheless, fighting – and dying – our way through the great raids in BfA has been frustrating and an absolute pleasure. Progressing through a raid and refining our strategy until it almost becomes like a dance is satisfying and fascinating to watch in these videos. I’m psyched for Shadowlands and for Castle Nathria to open in November, the first raid in the upcoming expansion – with a gothic Dracula theme!

Back to the current tier though, Ny’alotha was a great raid. From Maut, the boss whose demands for Mana were reminiscent of the cookie monster to The Hivemind, who doesn’t want you to forget that your veins will blister, there were lots of good fights. It’s easier for me to pick out my least favorite fights, which would probably be Drest’agath or Il’gynoth. The fight against N’Zoth was suitably intense and many hours were spent perfecting our strategy until we finally got that sweet Ahead of the Curve raid achievement, which is for players who managed to beat the last boss of a raid in Heroic difficulty before the next raid is available to play in game.

While I eagerly look forward to a new expansion with new encounters to master, I welcome a break for the time being. I’ll enjoy looking back on all the memories I compiled in these videos, but I look forward to what’s to come even more.

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