Clearing BoD – Siege of Dazar’alor

Siege of Dazar’alor, or wing 1, consists of the first three bosses out of this nine boss raid, and I recorded most of the footage from our first full clear. This video was from the raid’s opening day, January 22nd, and we have since cleared the raid on Normal and are currently making our way through Heroic. I’m getting excited for the mini-raid Crucible of Storms that’s coming out in less than two weeks, and to shift gears into Naga invasions and more story progression.

This wing doesn’t have any of my favorite boss fights, but the one I most liked from this video were the Jadefire Masters. It’s definitely much harder on Heroic and I just can’t seem to successfully execute the Multi-sided Strike mechanic, but I did like the maze during the intermission part of the fight. Having everyone quit fighting to run around a maze while avoiding fireballs is interesting, but the change of pace can also kill you if you aren’t careful. I can’t wait to talk about the video for wing 2, which I’m sure will focus heavily on Opulence and how challenging that was…

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