Demonology Warlocks are Better Beast Mastery Hunters

While I’ve been having a lot of fun progressing through Dazar’alor with my guild in the past couple weeks, I’ve also re-discovered my love for a forgotten class: the Warlock. I’ve had a Warlock alt for years and have had varying degrees of fun playing her, most notably around Cataclysm with the Destruction specialization. I hadn’t gone with Demonology for a long time because Blizzard has changed it so much throughout the years, and it’s always seemed kind of boring or weird to me. I didn’t like the whole thing with Metamorphosis where the Warlock changes into a demon for a little while so I stuck with Destruction. I gave Demonology another shot when I decided I wanted a change from my main, a Beast Mastery Hunter.

At first with Demonology I was overwhelmed with the amount of spells and buttons I had to keep track of. I am, after all, spoiled with the simplicity of Beast Mastery, but I did learn quickly which abilities were most important. The power of a Demonology Warlock is in how many demons I can summon, which is a lot. When combat begins damage is a slow build-up until I start summoning demons, and then starts increasing rapidly from there. It’s just a blast to see how many demons I can get out until the enemy dies, which usually isn’t very long. While playing my Warlock I can’t help but compare her to my Hunter, and see a missed opportunity with Beast Mastery. During Legion, Hunters could call on multiple beasts in battle sort of like summoning demons. Hunters never had the choice of which types of beasts to call, or anywhere close to the quantity as Warlocks. To that end, playing my Warlock helps to bridge some gaps.


Best of all, Demonology Warlocks feel powerful and very different from what I’m used to playing. As much as I love Hunters and they’ll always be my favorite, it’s nice to take a break and play another class that is super fun.

Speaking of Hunters, Aurashot can now tame those blood beasts from Nazmir! It dropped randomly during my last time in Uldir and I was very surprised. Right now I’m running around with a Blood Crawg, which has the Tenacity pet specialization. Blood beasts have a special ability called Blood Bolt, which they cast on cooldown if the Hunter allows it. I’ll probably have my Blood Crawg until patch 8.1.5 comes out and I finish the quest to tame Hati!


For those who don’t play Hunters or, more specifically, Beast Mastery Hunters, Hati is a special pet that is tied to the Beast Mastery Artifact weapon Titanstrike from Legion. During the quest-line to obtain Titanstrike Hati is sadly slain in battle, but his spirit is bonded to the weapon. So for two years I quested and adventured with my main pet, and Hati. I and many others were sad when at the end of Legion we used our weapons’ power to save Azeroth, and Hati went away. I don’t know much about the quest-line to tame Hati, only that you get him as a pet at the end. But for now, I’ll be bringing my Crawg along to raid Dazar’alor! As for my Demonology Warlock, I still have to level her up and see how the spec changes after I hit level 120.

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