Good Times in Uldir

With BfA’s second raid, Battle for Dazar’alor, opening tomorrow I took the time to compile some footage of some of my experiences in its first raid. I both loved and was frustrated by Uldir, for the right reasons. The fact that the entire raid took place in an ancient Titan testing facility with amazing architecture was awesome, and it had some great boss fights. Among my favorites were Taloc, MOTHER, and Zul. I didn’t consider Zul one of my favorites until relatively recently when I finally understood the fight. That’s where the frustration comes in. After dying countless times without realizing why, I finally understood that the entire first phase of the fight should be focused on the adds that are with him at the start of the fight. There are so many little things going on that seem really complicated if you don’t make a list of what you should be attacking first. Unfortunately Zul is one of the bosses that I don’t have any footage for, so I couldn’t include myself dying hilariously many times. Man, I wish I recorded the first time Zul cast Death Wish on me and forced me to run and jump off the platform. That made me laugh. Deaths, however, are a common occurrence in the video anyways!

I look forward to the next raid, where we get to fight exciting creatures such as Opulence, a golem made out of gold coins and riches, and Jaina Proudmoore. I try to stay away from story spoilers, so I really have no idea what happens during or after the Jaina fight. Dazar’alor does things differently in that Horde and Alliance have bosses unique to their faction only, and we’ll be able to experience the other faction’s bosses by hearing the story of what happened during the fight. During the “story”, we’ll participate in the fight by transforming into the opposite faction.

I’ll keep running Uldir because it’s really fun, and I need to complete my transmog set, but I’m so happy to be able to choose between raids I feel like running. To me, the most fun part of the raid, besides the loot, is learning each boss’ mechanics and the stories behind them. Here’s to some great stories (that don’t involve Jaina dying) ahead!

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