Leveling My Lowbie in Eastern Plaguelands

Wow, has it been about a month since my last post? After taking an unintended hiatus from blogging, I found myself in a rut in Warcraft. I was only logging in to complete World Quest requirements and occasionally run dungeons. Finally I found a way to break my boredom: leveling a new alt! This time I started a Lightforged Draenei Paladin (original, I know), as I have never really given much effort into leveling a Pally before. Speccing as a tank at level 20, I took off to Duskwood and didn’t remember to document my progress until I was mostly done with Eastern Plaguelands.

The Paladin Pals At Light’s Hope Chapel

I totally forgot how awesome the whole story-line is here. Questing with Gidwin and Tarenar on their mission to reach Light’s Hope and become Argent Crusade Paladins, while also being best friends as Dwarf and Blood Elf, really is heartwarming. If there’s one thing I love about this game it’s a good story told through quests and Blizzard really nailed it with this one. Traveling by caravan with Fiona to the different Crusade towers while meeting new friends and watching the two Pals bicker makes me chuckle every time.

Even the side quests have good story-lines, like with Pamela Redpath and the undead Troll who seeks vengeance. The little scenario at the end of the Redpath quest-line shows what happened there, and it’s neat to see prominent NPCs since vanilla get a whole chapter in Eastern Plaguelands.

Questing through old content is just what I needed to get myself out of the daily rut of turning in WQs and logging out. So far I am loving Paladins and especially how tough Protection is. Throwing out the shield is just so damn fun, I feel like Captain America every time!

After completing Eastern Plaguelands I excitedly set out for Badlands, a place I haven’t revisited probably close to when it was redone during the Cataclysm era.

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