Questing Through Nazmir

Exploring Nazmir and uncovering new bits of story that revolved around Bwonsamdi and the other loa was a fun experience. Journeying to the home of the Blood Trolls with Talanji and finding out just how deep the corruption of blood magic goes was both chilling and interesting.

Through questing, I learned that two out of three seals in Zandalar were broken and responsible for G’huun’s increased influence over the Zandalari. Once all three seals are broken, G’huun can leave the titan facility Uldir and corrupt more freely. Since the blood god is stuck in his prison, he corrupts the minds of Nazmani trolls and promises them power in return for obedience. But is G’huun really an Old God? My guess would be no, because he is basically just an amalgamation of Old God creatures that was accidentally created by the Titans. Yet, even with all this cool Old God/Titan lore going on, I was really looking forward to Bwonsamdi the most!

The Necropolis, home of the Loa of Death
The Man Himself!

Among the first things the player does when setting up a base in the swamps of Nazmir is to watch Talanji call out to any loa in the area. She finds Krag’wa, Torga, Hir’eek, and, of course, Bwonsamdi. The latter being the loa with the strongest “signal”, so I set out to find and eventually make a deal with death in return for his help. With Torga being dead and Hir’eek a newly made servant of G’huun, help has proven hard to find.

Undercover Sista
Sur’jan Might Be Crazy…

During my time in Nazmir I did some pretty great quests, with one involving turning into a Blood Troll! I infiltrated a village and did some sabotage quests, which ended with discovering that the village has been sacrificing Trolls to Hir’eek, the Loa of Bats. That ended with me killing Hir’eek, which was sad because he’s one of the better known loa in the game.

One of the side quests I did involved a Troll named Sur’jan, who appeared to have some kind of multiple personalities disorder. This questline stood out to me because Sur’jan is a memorable npc, and we find out nearly nothing about him through his story! The whole questline involved killing and collecting items from beasts in the area so that Sur’jan could regain his strength and kill a T-Rex who nearly took his life. I got the idea (from his other personality) that he has ulterior motives for making me collect weird items, but after the Dinosaur is dead Sur’jan runs off! I was intrigued by the whole thing, and I hope he shows up again so I can learn more about him.

Grand Ma’da Ateena

The chapters in Nazmir are wrapped up with the player and Talanji contronting Ateena, the leader/matriarch of the Blood Trolls. Throughout the whole of Nazmir, Ateena has eluded us and no matter how many times we fight her she got away. We finally stop her when she reaches the top of Uldir and attempts to free Taloc, who is the first boss in the Uldir raid. Once she is defeated I return to Dazar’alor and pick my next and last zone to quest in: Vol’dun! While I had an idea of what to expect story-wise in Zuldazar and Nazmir, I’m not really sure what to expect in Vol’dun aside from the short intro I got while on the Alliance war campaign.

I really enjoyed Nazmir. Helping out different loa like Krag’wa and finally visiting The Necropolis was awesome, and made for some good story. The whole zone felt off, as is should with all the Old God corruption going on. Uldir was a constant, intimidating structure¬† that seemed to assert itself in Nazmir, and that if you venture too close you might begin to hear some strange whispers. The bit with Bwonsamdi was both amusing and serious, as your deal with him involves the souls of those you kill in the zone. Yet, every time you die in Nazmir, Bwonsamdi is there to taunt you with comments specific to each class.

Ready To Fight

Just as Zuldazar provided an introduction to the overall problems of the Zandalari, Nazmir expanded on that with the seriousness of the Blood Troll corruption. Before Talanji decided to make her excursion into Nazmir, nobody dared to go near the place. We were also given a little bit of an intro to Uldir and why it plays a role in Nazmir and the shifting alliances in Zuldazar. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Sur’jan turns out to be a raid boss or even N’zoth in disguise…

Questing Through Zuldazar

I finished up questing through my first Horde zone over on Zandalar, and had a great time! At times during the beginning the story seemed a bit slow, but started to pick up during the middle and end parts. Zandalar, the once mighty seat of power for all of Troll civilization, has had its control limited mostly to the zone of Zuldazar. King Rastakhan sits upon the throne and is fed lies by his advisers who wish to take control for themselves.

I am glad that I picked Zandalar as my first place to quest in because it explains a lot about the problems that the Zandalari Trolls have been facing, and the underlying corruption. Mainly I worked with Rastakhan’s daughter, Princess Talanji, in finding out the source of Zandalar’s problem. While her father seems to have given up hope, Talanji has been working with the player as well as the people of Zandalar to find a solution.

Along the way I learned about Troll loas and even picked a loa for my character! I picked Pa’ku, the Lord of Winds, because those pterrodax models look awesome. We also learned that Prophet Zul, who is advisor to the king and trusted because of his visions, has been researching how a loa can be drained of its power. Later it is revealed that Zul has been serving G’huun, a mysterious Old God creature, and working with other prominent Zandalari in usurping Rastakhan’s throne.

Yazma Drains Shadra’s Power, Killing Her

When Zul nearly kills Rastakhan, we call on the Loa of Kings to help revive him and get prepared for the upcoming battle. Along the way we are introduced to more loa, Blood Troll foreshadowing, and mutiny. In the end Zul and Yazma got away, but they did not succeed in controlling Zandalar. The price of that was great…

Rezan, the Loa of Kings, fell in what was a sad little cinematic. Unfortunately he is the second-to-last boss in the Atal’dazar dungeon, which I am not looking forward to running! However, I had a great time in Zandalar and loved learning about the political struggle as well as the different loa that are important to Trolls.

On a lighter note, I also did a side quest which involved helping some apes that were exposed to Kaja’mite and made them more intelligent. This seems to me like a nod to Planet of the Apes, and I really enjoyed it.

Helping Some Peace-loving Apes

Overall, this was a good opening to Zandalar and helped me learn about some Troll lore and what has been happening to the Zandalari Empire. Next I am off to Nazmir, the dark swamp lands where the Blood Trolls make their home. I have been particularly excited for Nazmir because that is where I meet Bwonsamdi, who is a major character in the zone, and perhaps the game.

Nobody Comes Back From Nazmir…

Warfronts Begin and the Updated Arathi Highlands!

Yesterday I was surprised when I logged in and accepted a quest that took me over to Stromgarde in Arathi Highlands. I was not expecting to log in that evening with the first Warfront, Battle for Stromgarde, going live just yet, but I sure am glad it did! Warfronts were released on the same day that BFA’s first raid, Uldir, unlocked so there were bound to be server problems. All things considered, I had minimal issues and only experienced occasional lag when in Arathi.

I think that one of BFA’s biggest features finally made it into the game at a good time, because by now most players have reached 120 on their mains and have been looking for new things to do. Revisiting an old zone that I haven’t been back to in ages was a fun little trip down memory lane, and the visual updates to Arathi are beautiful. All the new things there have definitely helped to breath life back into the zone, and it can be compared to a smaller Timeless Isle. For now, Alliance players get a handful of quests to go slay each of the different creatures in the zone in exchange for Azerite, War Resources, and an epic ilvl 340 item. These quests also reward some reputation with the 7th Legion, and help to pass the time while the Horde mount their attack for the coming battle!


In case you’re confused about how Warfronts work like I was, I’ll explain. Warfronts are massive 20 vs. 20 PvE scenarios in which the Horde and Alliance fight to control the zone, much like back in Warcraft 3 days. Just like in Warcraft 3, players will gather resources and command troops and take the place of a Hero character. Basically, Warfronts allow us to see the battle from a different perspective, where we are directly involved. Warfronts start when one of the factions gather enough resources and mount their attack against the other, starting the Battle for Stromgarde scenario. Blizzard estimates that it’ll take a week for us to gather enough resources and start the Warfront, so in the meantime the faction controlling Arathi has access to a World Boss.

Refuge Pointe

Dabyrie’s Farmstead

Of course, there are other things to do while you’re waiting for the battle to start. The zone has tons of rares that drop toys, pets, and mounts. I already have most of the pets, but I have to keep farming to get the toys and mounts! This addition to the game has been exciting so far, and I love being able to fly again and get around the zone quickly to tag rares. I can’t wait to try Warfronts and collect the full Arathi Warfront set!

Horde Zandalar Intro Scenario

Finally getting around to editing and posting my video for the intro Zandalar stuff! I thought it would be good timing to post it now, because I’m planning on starting to level my Horde. After getting my main to 120 I feel like I can handle leveling again, plus I’m dying to see the Horde perspective and find out what all the Bwonsamdi excitement is about.

This was a really cool scenario because I was totally surprised in regards to Saurfang. As soon as I found out I was headed to the Stormwind Stockades, I assumed I was going to be breaking Saurfang out of prison. It turns out that I’ve actually come for someone else, a total surprise for someone like me who hasn’t been paying attention to the Horde story all that much. It’s interesting that Saurfang decided to stay in the Stockades, which means that he might try to work out a deal with Anduin! I really like that he actually stays in prison rather than being broke out right after the Siege of Lordaeron and I’m excited to see what happens with him.

I also really liked stealthing through Stormwind in the middle of the night and being pursued by Greymane and Jaina. It was very dramatic and cool. Now for starting my Horde adventure in Zuldazar! I’ve heard great things about the story and quests for the Horde, so I’m excited to see what happens for myself.