Finishing Up in Tirigarde

Last night I finally made it through all of the quests in Tirigarde and started the intro quests for Drustvar, but had to stop myself so I could write this post! While questing through Tirigarde I picked up so many quests that I thought I might hit level 120 before leaving the first zone. When I finished everything yesterday I got halfway to level 115, so questing in this one zone so far has brought me almost halfway to end-cap.

The quests that I finished up were different from the main chapter quests in that they had a different feel to them. They felt like just quests rather than a contribution to a larger quest-line that will get me closer to understanding the full story in the zone. This might also have to do with me trying to finish up the left behind quests so that I could move on to Drustvar. Even though the left over quests weren’t as fun as playing through the main story in Tirigarde, there were some quests I did that put a smile on my face.

I gathered supplies to make a sweater for a Tortollan’s “dog”, Rupert, who turned out to be a Grizzly bear cub. I was hoping that when I turned in the quest I would suddenly see a sweater appear on Rupert, but that didn’t happen. Maybe I should submit a bug report to Blizzard! I also took selfies for a Gnome that was looking to increase advertisement for his resort and worked for the Roughnecks, and did some other minor questing.

Checking out the Tour Groups
Selfies with the Wildlife
Fighting Mutineers at Greystone Tower
Keeping Rupert Warm at Kennings Lodge
Helping the Roughnecks

Overall, I think that Tirigarde was a good introduction to Kul Tiras for me and it helped me learn about what has been going on since the Alliance lost contact with them. I loved leveling through it and being introduced to the Kul Tirans as well; I love their models and their voice lines. The people here have so much character and you can tell that politically, things have been messed up lately. I’m glad that the capital city, Boralus, is in Tirigarde because I still have a lot left to go back and explore! But for now I’m off to Drustvar to try and help out with their witch problem.

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  1. So many quests, and I think a good mix of main-line plot and side stories that are fairly amusing (or add flavor to the main plot going on)! I’m about to hit 120 and I’m over in Stormsong. I won’t wreck anything, but I think you’ll be interested to see what’s going on there… !

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