Starting in Tirigarde Sound

I actually completed all seven of the quest chapters in Tirigarde yesterday, but I figured I’d break up my posts on this zone since there is so much to cover. Also, while the chapters may be finished, there are a lot more quests left over in the zone and I want to experience all of that before I move on to Drustvar. So far I love each of the story-lines I have played through and the world itself is breathtaking and massive, which makes it an absolute joy to level in so far. Tirigarde reminds me of Grizzly Hills a bit, with its gorgeous pine trees, babbling brooks, and mountainous landscape.

The beautiful landscape made me slow down and take everything in, which is probably the reason why I haven’t left the zone yet! During my travels here I broke out of prison, met Flynn Fairwind and Taelia, got shipwrecked in a cove full of sirens, became an Irontide Pirate, uncovered a scheme by Lady Ashvane, attended a fancy equestrian festival, and more! Along the way I met some pretty neat people, like the Kul Tirans and Tortollans.

Outside Freehold

I love pirate stuff in WoW, and I always think back longingly to the quest-line in Booty Bay where you become a pirate and captain your own ship. When Blizzard reworked the Combat Rogue specialization to Outlaw, I was all over it. I think the whole thing is hilarious and quirky, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that a whole expansion based on seafaring nations was on the horizon. After I was put in prison by Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore, Flynn was the guy who helped to break me out. The reason for that being the Ashvane Company, led by Lady Ashvane, has been doing suspicious things lately. We soon found out that Ashvane is dabbling with Azerite in order to make powerful weapons, and is assumed to be feeding the Lord Admiral lies and clouding her judgement towards the Alliance. Flynn came up with a fantastic plan to stowaway on a ship that was suspected of shipping out Ashvane’s weapons. You see how well that goes…

The ship was run aground by the siren’s call! There I spent some time taking out some sirens and trying to break Flynn of the siren’s kiss, which subsequently led to his heartbreak. Then, in one of the funniest quests thus far, he got drunk and leads me around in a circle while searching for Freehold. Despite all Flynn’s efforts, we made it to Freehold and enlisted as pirates so we could get inside the city.

Eventually we left Freehold when Taelia arrived to take us to safety. Then I do some more investigating before we headed back to Boralus and revealed Ashvane as a traitor who was after the title of “Lord Admiral” all along. After a thrilling chase on horseback she got away, but I have a feeling that wasn’t the last I’ll see of her.

I then saved a noble’s son and got invited to Lord Norwington’s Estate for a festival that involved a horseback riding competition. This area was beautiful, with its open courtyard, gardens, and the houses were decorated with some nice art. My favorite part of this quest-line was helping a Tortollan overcome his fear of riding horses, and his happiness when riding a horse for the first time. The whole thing was sweet, especially because his son Joma was encouraging him the whole way. It wasn’t all relaxing, though, because Troggs crashed the party! After repelling the Troggs I could get back to the festival and watch the beautiful fireworks over the mountains.

After that I headed to Anglepoint Wharf, where workers and citizens were coming down with a strange illness. People were getting infected by the tainted barrels of fish, by what appeared to be Old God-esque parasitic brainworms. After further investigation, it turned out that part of the Sea Priests from Stormsong Valley have tapped into the dark magic associated with the Old Gods, and they were responsible for infecting the Wharf. After cleaning up a little, and taking out the leader of the corrupted priests, we got a nice visit from this fellow…


Boy was he angry. We were able to make him leave, but he was far too powerful to kill without a group. I looked for him in the Adventure Guide and saw that he is a boss in the Siege of Boralus dungeon, so he’s no pushover.

It seems like I’ve rambled on a lot, but I haven’t even covered the whole zone! I’m trying to touch on the important parts, but there is so much detail that I’m not sure which details to leave out. After completing the Anglepoint Wharf quests I got the achievement for completing all the chapters in the zone, but there’s still a lot left to explore. Until today I couldn’t quite place why I love the new zones so much, but I think it’s because these zones aren’t ruined with green fel magic! That’s not to say that the zones won’t someday be ruined with Old God magic, but I’m enjoying this while it lasts! Next time I post it will be about me finishing up in Tirigarde and what I thought overall of the story, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the quests!

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  1. Definitely the funniest thing so far was trying to get Flynn to Freehold, with him drinking himself stupid and talking to the dangerous creatures 🙂

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