Lordaeron Scenario Gameplay

This scenario surprised me in so many ways and I had a lot of fun doing it! The first time I ran through it, it was hard to focus on something for too long because so much was going on. I lost my mouse cursor a few times amid the other players and NPCs! I think that it would have made more sense not to stretch the pre-patch through three weeks, but Jaina flying in on a ghost ship propelled my magic makes up for some of that! Seriously though, Jaina completely stole the show.

When Sylvanas orders the blight to be spread even though her own troops are still out on the field, it felt terrifying. Trying to keep fighting all the while retreating ever so slowly due to the growing blight was a really cool part of the scenario that I really enjoyed. I love things that have consequences like that, and I can confirm that the blight really does hurt. Those little details really help to make the world feel alive. On he flip side, when playing the scenario as Horde, Sylvanas orders the players to spread the blight themselves. Having played through that on an alt, it felt wrong and made me sad, which is exactly how you’re supposed to feel.

This scenario had a lot of the right things: cool cut scenes, fun mechanics, and emotional moments. I kind of had a feeling that the Siege of Lordaeron was going to be the high point of the pre-patch, but I do wish it wasn’t split up as much. We still haven’t seen the Azshara Warbringers short, which I am really looking¬†forward to! I am hoping that it will be released over the weekend, or even right before the servers go live on launch day, as a kind of shocking precursor to the expansion. Only three more days (for NA players) to go!

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