I Get a Cold Dose of Reality While Trying Out Warmode

Well that was super scary. Horde everywhere! Clearly I’m on the wrong realm for balanced world PvP. You may be under the impression from this video that I am, in fact, a PvP expert, but I assure you that’s not the case. I haven’t done any PvP since Cataclysm when I farmed that sweet Season 9 set. Yes, I know I should have avenged the tragic death of the one other Alliance member in all of Darkshore (seriously, no Alliance group in sight). Perhaps after I’ve tested the waters more I’ll return with some more confidence, but that day is definitely not today.

PvP is a part of WoW gameplay that I’ve avoided for a long time simply for the reason of RAGE. Getting angry is not something I attribute to having fun in a video game, and in PvP it’s only fun for the brief moment you’re winning until someone pwns you. But because the upcoming expansion is based around faction warfare, I thought I would try it out again. You saw how well that went. I had more fun editing this video and writing up this post than the actual footage, but I’ll probably make a much cooler one in the future! Also, that net thing is totally unfair and I really want one.

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