Surprise Cinematic “Old Soldier” Released Yesterday!

Man I was not expecting Blizzard to release this right before I went to bed! This cinematic was stunning, and looks like it uses CGI in the same way that the opening to BFA cinematic does. I loved every minute of it, especially the contrast between the seasoned veteran who’s seen it all, and the hopeful young Troll on the eve of his first battle. As an Alliance main, this video made me care more about the Horde perspective of the war. Blizzard has been telling us to “wait and see”, and that not all has been made clear to us yet. The expansion is not even out yet and there is definitely more story to tell. When Blizzard gives answers like that after the outrage of Teldrassil, and even the Horde is mostly upset about those chains of events, it is frustrating to be told to wait. But this cinematic gave us just enough information so that we know that the burning of Teldrassil will not go unanswered, and maybe Saurfang will be the one who rallies the Horde.

After my last post I was left feeling confused and disappointed about the direction that Warcraft lore may be taking, but after this I think that the burning of Teldrassil was meant to create a negative response. Members of the Horde will be able to start fixing their leadership because, let’s face it, Sylvanas and her Forsaken never really fit in, so why would the Banshee Queen becoming Warchief make that any better? Anyways, I have a lot more to say on the subject of the Horde, and Sylvanas, but I’ll make a separate post for that when the time is right. This was a really well done and unexpected video from Blizzard and, even though I main a Night Elf, I care about all sides of Warcraft lore.

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  1. Glad they did this video, and really hoping this is the beginning of something big with Sylvanas. The Horde has a long road ahead to repair the damage done…

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