War of the Thorns: Chapter 1

Part one of the multi-phased pre-patch to Battle for Azeroth was released yesterday, and it along with the first Warbringers video got me even more excited for BFA! While the questline itself was short, the story leading up to the burning of Teldrassil was intense. Aside from just the questline, completing it unlocked world quests in Darkshore in order to help players catch up in gear level.

Astranaar after being sacked by the Horde
Wall of Wisps at the entrance to Darkshore
Battle at the Wildbend River
Darnassian soldiers getting ready to join the war effort

As you can see, the situation does not look good for the Night Elves. The Alliance was taken completely by surprise with a diversion set up by Sylvanas, who had her gaze set on the World Tree the whole time. Sylvanas’ plan all along was to make the Alliance think that Silithus was important, and then turn her armies towards Ashenvale and marching straight into Darkshore instead. If the Horde controls Darnassus, then they control the shipments of Azerite being sent to the Eastern Kingdoms. Playing through the questline as a member of the Alliance, I was anxious to learn more about what might happen to Teldrassil. The burning of Teldrassil was announced at Blizzcon 2017 as a prelude to BFA, along with the siege of Undercity, but just how will Teldrassil fall?

Coming back and questing through Ashenvale and Darkshore made me reminiscent of a much simpler time for my Night Elf Hunter. I realized that Teldrassil and Darnassus might be changed forever in a week or two, and it might never go back to the nostalgic starting area that it has always been. As such, I revisited old questing areas and points of interest in Teldrassil after a long time away.

Darnassus in the rain
Shadowglen Selfie!
Visiting Shadowglen
Looking out from Rut’theran Village
Fishing on Lake Al’Ameth
Visiting the Oracle Glade
Darnassus from above
Visiting Dolanaar
Everybody’s favorite jerk

Going back and visiting Teldrassil made me realize just how amazing Azeroth was to me back then, and how it continues to amaze me today. I am anxious to see where the story takes us next week during Chapter 2, but I can relax a little knowing that I have made some great memories here.

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